My last work project officially wrapped on Thursday–though Friday was still kinda full of work-crap and the opposite of relaxation.  I was hoping for a quiet day off.  I didn’t get it…just the non-billable part.

I didn’t sleep much (or well) last night.  Too many thoughts in my head.  Too much to do.  Too much uncertainty.

On Tuesday, I meet with a potential client–that I’ve worked with before–but, if I do this, I’ll be on-site with them.  I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing, but I agreed to meet with them.  It’s supposed to snow.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  🙂

Thursday, I’m in Boulder for naturopath and therapist fun.  I might also be meeting with a someone to talk opportunities.  That just sort of fell in my lap on Friday.  We’ll see.  Other than that, my week is clear.  I’m kind of ecstatic about that.  Except for the not getting paid part.  I need the time off, though.

I’m mostly planning on cleaning the apartment–finally deep cleaning and organizing things…prettifying things.  Moving my bed–if I can actually get it to budge.  We’ll see.

I’m actually looking forward to that.  I was going to start that today.  But!  I was a dumbass.  Against naturopath recs, I stupidly started a candida cleanse without actually knowing much about it.  (Decisions made at 4 am are always dumb).  I failed to recognize it meant banning all sorts of things from my diet.  Welp…I’m not there.  I’m still trying to shift in the ways my naturopath recommended.  And I have a new game plan after last week’s mostly nutritional fail.  I’m starting tomorrow.  The key?  Stability and routine.  Variety is not my friend.

The candida cleanse–so far–has not been fun.  My tummy is angry at me.  Which probably means I should do it, eventually.  But not until my diet is less fuel for the fire.

Stomach cramps are not nice, y’all.

I am done with my liver cleanse, but I still feel like I need it.  I definitely feel worse today than yesterday–but that could be the evil candida.  My Chinese herbs are awesome.  But they are horrible to gulp down.  Like the worst.  It doesn’t get better.  I’m gonna see if my naturopath can cap them.  It’s like drinking mud.

Other than that, I’m hoping for a quiet week with lots of rest.  I haven’t been into Halloween at all this year–which I’m actually taking as another sign of healing.  I did have the best idea for a costume earlier today, but definitely too late now.  I guess it’ll wait till next year.


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