avoidance and other stories

Today’s been fairly uneventful, yet odd.  I’ve already had gyros & plenty of sriracha…and it’s barely 11 am.  So, that means it’s improving.  Not feeling fantastic, still, and am sort of avoiding doing some work and finishing some actual writing.  In the meantime, I’m gonna answer some questions.  Because the Internet enables procrastination.


What is your name? 


What is your zodiac sign? 

Leo. Birthday in a few weeks. I’m gonna be 35.  Not really one to freak out about being older, but this one stings a little.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to? 

I don’t really put limits on what I like or don’t like since I usually find exceptions to most rules.  I have a huge music collection, so I guess that says I’ll give most things a chance.  I like the kind of stuff KBCO plays…so mostly alternative, mountain rock.  Lots of acoustic.  For the most part, I don’t enjoy old-school country (some fusion-country stuff is alright).  I dislike some rap.  Not too big of a punk fan.  I HATE music where people are pretty much yelling.  My ex was a fan of such things, and honestly, I couldn’t imagine a road trip together.  I tried to listen to his music, and found some good in it, but the screaming stuff just wasn’t my cup of tea.

What is your relationship status? 

Single. Not looking.

Do you have any children? 

Just my three kitties–and yes, they feel like little people to me.

What are 2 of your favorite foods? 

Tacos & gyros.

Do you have any pets? 

Three cats: Cleo, Fogg, & Rilke

Any tattoos or piercings?

Not yet, but I have about four planned.

Do you have siblings? 

Not living. Four half-siblings who are all deceased.

How is your relationship with your parents? 

Both are deceased.

What is your occupation? 

I’m a consultant, for the most part.  I also do side photography/writing projects.  Plus the grad school thing, when I’m not taking a break.  I should be back at that within the next year, hopefully.

What is your ideal job? 

What I currently do is probably what’s best for me while I’m working on the bigger stuff.  Ultimately, I want to earn my PsyD and work as a therapist for a while.  My goal is to offer workshops to the community and also start my own nonprofit and/or social enterprise.  I may start my nonprofit/social enterprise before finishing my PsyD (haven’t decided), but I have some pretty ambitious ideas when it comes to that…so it’ll be a while before I get it all together.  I went to grad school to flesh out all of those ideas and figure out how to make them real.  When I’m older, I’ll probably step back and just be an advisor while writing books and speaking on mental health subjects.

What was your best subject in school? 

Before college, I was always good at stuff that involved creativity–art, woodshop, etc.  I was good at English and history (though I had little interest in either, really–except for the writing bit).  I liked science a lot.  I was interested in social sciences, too.  In college, my favorite classes were my art classes, writing workshops, and anthropology.  I hated philosophy.

What is something you like to do in your downtime? 

Writing, photography, driving around with no particular destination, cooking, coming up with drink concoctions, shopping at hobby stores, short hikes, arranging flowers, going to the garden center, traveling, painting, volleyball, swimming, being lazy with the kitties, concerts, plays, chatting with friends about things, reading…

What is your favorite season? 

Autumn, for sure.  I tend to like chilly weather.  It just makes everything so much more alive.  It’s easier to engage the world and feel like you’re in it.  If that makes sense.  I love the clothes and the food.  I love how the world looks and smells.  Close second would be spring.  I just adore going to the mountains and seeing all the new baby animals and all the wildflowers.  And sometimes, it’ll rain–which is the best.  I like summer to some degree.  Sometimes, there’s nothing like it.  I love late nights doing nothing…not having to wear shoes or coats.  And barbecues.  Winter…I’m not such a big fan, but it’s magical when the world is quiet and the snow’s coming down.  I love going out and exploring late at night when it just starts snowing.  Something really cool about that.

What time do you usually go to bed? 

Hard to say.  Sometimes, since my surgery, I conk out by 9 pm.  I’ve learned to take naps during the day, and then, I’ll be able to stay awake.  Other times, I can’t sleep at all and will stay awake past 5 am.  I hate those nights now.  Usually, I try to get to bed by 1 or 2 am.

Do you wear glasses or contacts? 

Yes…well, I own them and am supposed to wear them.  I’m just a little far-sighted, mostly in one eye.  I don’t need them to drive or to do most things.  I’m really just supposed to wear them when I’m reading or using my computer.  But they sort of bother me, or I forget, so I’m mostly don’t wear them.  But I have many cute ones that I really should wear.  This getting older thing kinda sucks.

Do you miss anyone at the moment? 

Always.  So much so that the missing part is part of who I am.

Last time you took a bubble bath? 

Been a long time.  I take salt baths more often.

What is one thing you want to accomplish this year?

My big goal for the rest of this year is to achieve some balance and stability when it comes to my health–meaning, going to see my naturopath on a regular schedule, seeing my Western doctor a few times a year, and finally recovering from my surgery and the last few years.  Part of that is getting a good handle on nutrition, exercise, and stress.  Which means really being connected to my body and learning what’s good for me.  I don’t want to feel my age–or older–anymore.  Just basically being really good to myself.  I think that will support everything else.  I’m doing a pretty good job.

Do you have any allergies? 

Shellfish (sensitive to seafood, in general, though I can eat it…a lot of the hurdles are mental, so I’m forcing myself to eat more of it).  Pencillan.  Percocet (which they gave me after my surgery…I can tolerate it, but I get really terrible rashes on my back).  Downy fabric softener.  Patchouli (though that’s just a suspicion.  I had a really bad reaction to some soap once).  Your garden variety pollen-y friends. I suspect other food allergies, but haven’t been formally tested.  Filthy liars.

Do you enjoy thunderstorms? 

Love a good thunderstorm.  Especially if there’s hail.  Reminds me of my father and one of my exes.

What cell phone provider do you use? 


Do you speak any languages besides english? 

I took over 10 years of french and studied it in college.  I have a hard time remembering it now, though.  I can speak a little Swahili.  I can usually understand and read Spanish, but can’t speak it.

Smell that you love? 

Rain (actual rain, not manufactured scent), mountains, lilacs, nag champa, sage, grass, Coppertone, anything citrus-y, ginger, how bakeries smell, freshly showered man, nutmeg, jasmine tea

What is the last song you listened to? 

Satellite – Brooklyn

Do you prefer to sleep with any light in the room, or in total darkness? 

Total darkness. Drives me crazy that all my electronics have these obnoxious lights on them.

If you are having a hard time getting to sleep, What is something you do to help you fall asleep? 

Watch television (sure fire).  Pin things on Pinterest.

What is the weather like right now where you are?

Overcast, breezy, 79 degrees, 50% humidity (holy moly).

Have you ever been in love?

Yes. For a while.

Have you gotten so drunk that you don’t remember what happened the next day? 

Nope.  That’s happened from being tired, though.

What was your last injury and how did it happen? 

Did something or other to my knee.

Do you believe that you have haters and that people talk about you behind your back? 

If you’re not offending someone, you’re probably not living. So, I’m sure there are people who are preoccupied with my life.  But I don’t much care.  If they’re paying attention to me, they’re leaving someone else alone.

What are 2 fruits that you really like? 

Cherries.  Pineapple. Nectarines.  (I can’t narrow it down to 2, duh).

What is the first tv show theme song that you can think of? 

Facts of Life

How do you feel about your family? 

I mostly just miss them.

Do you call anyone by their last name? 

No, not really.

Have you ever walked into the bathroom for the opposite sex by accident (or on purpose)?

Yep. In middle school, my friends and I were oddly fascinated by the differences between the bathrooms.

Have you ever had your heart broken? 

Loving to any degree means your heart gets broken.

If you could go back in time and change anything from your past, would you do so? 

Yep.  I’d say goodbye.

Do you hate anyone? 

Nope. I’m mostly indifferent now to the people in my life who’ve been toxic to me.

Are you angry with anyone at the moment? 

Not at the moment, no.

Is there something else you should be doing right now?

Of course!


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