with rainbows

The weekend is slowly inching away, and I’m already feeling Monday’s unwanted arrival.  I’m a little exhausted.  Yesterday was my first real “outing” since my surgery–other than medical appointments.  We ended up in my old neighborhood–for a breakfast of banh mi and mango boba.  Then, to one of the local Asian markets for boba I can make myself, at home (since I’ve been craving them so much lately).  I can’t really walk long distances or stand for long periods of time right now, so I ended up eating my food in the parking lot–people-watching–while J went in.

I’ve been missing home for a while now.  It’s been worse since my surgery.  That feeling of familiarity and comfort is what seems to motivate it.  It was nice to sit in the parking lot–watching a little boy doing tai chi…an old man–all bent over–conversing with his daughter in Vietnamese…and the people driving insane hoopties through the parking lot.  Such a departure from the life I have been living–where everyone is so generic and mannered.  It was nice to feel the breeze on my face–even if I couldn’t browse the huge tea aisle or spend hours trying to identify obscure products.

We then went up to Boulder, for the farmer’s market, and got stuck in traffic.  At first, we thought it was the construction on 36–or maybe graduation weekend–but then noticed the traffic got better after we passed a bunch of cows.  We joked that everyone was slowing down to look at all the cows.  Welp–as it turns out–these were fugitive cows on the lam.

Boulder was crowded.  Even with many of the students gone.  It was a gorgeous day.  I got a tie-dye bandana.  Because: Boulder.  We stopped at Pekoe for more boba–jasmine milk tea this time–my current fave.  And then, we went to Estes–stopping at the pie store for cherry pie–as always–hoping the sky would stop with the rain.  It rained a lot yesterday–but mostly off and on, with rainbows.

Despite Trail Ridge’s closure, we had a pretty good time–touring some burn areas and seeing quite a few magpies, elk, and deer.  It made me want to go camping and reminded me of the close association between life/death–and how beautiful the tragic can be.  Around mid-day, I was pretty much a zombie, so we cut it all short and came home.  Which was also interesting because whatever dam I’ve built up these past few weeks seemed to break a bit.  I rounded out the night by watching the original Great Gatsby, asleep before it was even over.

At 4 am, my phone starting buzzing–practically nonstop.  Forty bizarre texts and two missed calls later, I was pretty annoyed–called the person in question–talked to him to see if he was okay and was convinced he was high or unbelievably drunk.  He assured me he was okay.  I was pretty pissed about the whole thing.  Especially since sunrise happened a few minutes later, and I was definitely not going back to sleep.

Hours later, we started unraveling the puzzle of his last night and can only think he was roofied at a local bar.  He had random scrapes on him and looked like he’d been punched in the face.  He also couldn’t seem to string thoughts together–hours later–and is missing most of last night from his memory.  Scary shit.

Oh, and our power went out, too–which also pissed me off because some construction peeps caused it again.  This pretty much happens every weekend, so I wasn’t’ really amused.  SO, I’m a bit tired and unnerved.  And, then–of course–it’s Mama’s Day. Which isn’t exactly easy.

For Mama’s Day, I wanted to share some photos from yesterday.  There’s too many to post all of them, so there will be more in a few days.  It’s been a while since I’ve taken photos with my DSLR.  (I actually almost forgot how to change lenses!).  Here’s hoping your day is going a bit better than mine, and you can actually hug your Mama today.  If you can’t, consider this a big ole hug from someone who gets it.  ❤


Boulder sky, on the way home.


New kicks.


RMNP.  People milling about after gawking at elk.


New Saigon has added a quick casual version of its longtime sit-down restaurant.  A big gentrified, but still good.  Great bread.


Doggy at the Boulder Farmer’s Market.


Renegade cows in Boulder’s Open Space, just off 36.


Child’s memorial on Alameda.


Man walking down Federal, a fairly common sight.  Even in winter.  A pedestrian was hit and killed about two miles north of here later in the day.


My father’s favorite bar used to be near here.  Federal is full of billboards–at least, now, they’re advertising higher ed and not liquor.


The sit-down part of New Saigon.  Remodeled since I’ve been here last.  Nice to see they’re making some money.


Adorable doggy on Broadway.


Lady walking across Broadway.  We left right when all the yoga classes let out.


More later!


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