loopy (or nobody does it better)


! ! !

Okay, I wish I could figure out how to make all of the above bigger and sparkly, but my brain is completely fried.


I’ve been on the phone all day today, and I’m still going strong.  A week’s worth of work in one day?  Heck yes.  Outpacing my whole team in one day?  Heck yes.

But it’s Friday, and HOLY HELL did I need it to be Friday.

So, that’s all you’re getting from me.  A big fat smile.  Just squint and then stretch your eyeballs really big and it’ll almost be as big as the smile on my face.

And, yes, I AM silently cackling.

Like a ninja.

Or a hermit crab.

With a cape.

I might drink an actual beer today (yay, peche lambic!) and I’m definitely eating a beautiful grilled cheeseburger with sriracha and bacon aioli.  And, perhaps–if I feel fancy–some PIE.

This will be my first beer of this year.  I am slightly scared.  Tomorrow: Boulder and the farmer’s market.  And pictures.  Whee.  I get to leave the apartment!!

Take that, surgical scars.

I’m back.


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