being your own hero

I mentioned Rhonda Britten yesterday.  I’m slowly making my way through some exercises in her book, Fearless Living.  I’ve tackled fear.  Now, it’s time to make a Wheel of Freedom.

Make a hero list.  Who are the five people–dead or alive–real or fictional–that you most admire, respect, or secretly envy.

  • Mama
  • My Papa
  • MLK, Jr.
  • Rosa Parks
  • Paul Auster

Study the following list:

  • authentic
  • creative
  • compassionate
  • accountable
  • loving
  • beautiful
  • courageous

My essential is that I am _____________.

From your hero list, pick one essential nature for each one.

  • Mama: authentic
  • My Papa: accountable
  • MLK, Jr.: courageous
  • Rosa Parks: courageous
  • Paul Auster: creative

Is what you picked as your essential nature the same of at least 3 out of 5 of your heroes?  The majority of your heroes’ essential natures is your essential nature.

No.  2 out of 5.  But I would say that all of my heroes are courageous–just maybe not the top thing I’d pick for them.

My true essential nature is that I am courageous.


Study the following list:

  • integrity
  • personal power
  • self-acceptance
  • peace of mind
  • passion
  • intimacy
  • inspiration
  • confidence
  • inner joy
  • faith

If you could give one gift to the world as your contribution, which quality of wholeness would you choose?


If you claim your essential nature by taking actions that are consistent with it, which of the expressions of wholeness will you feel?

  • integrity
  • personal power
  • self-acceptance
  • passion
  • intimacy
  • confidence
  • faith

When I claim my courageousness, I will feel integrity, personal power, self-acceptance, passion, intimacy, confidence, and faith.

Put an O next to the things you already do.  Put an X next to the ones you would naturally do if you attained wholeness.

  • Say I don’t know when I don’t know.  OX
  • Give a compliment. O
  • Ask for help. OX
  • Take a cooking class.
  • Learn a new sport.
  • Be honest. OX
  • Stand out in a crowd. O
  • Confess your blunders to friends. OX
  • Say no when you mean no. OX
  • Accept compliments.  X
  • Take a break. OX
  • Give gifts for no reason.  OX
  • Stargaze. OX
  • Smile at strangers. OX
  • Cultivate good friends. X
  • Make a daily checklist.
  • Keep a journal. O
  • Ask for something you want. OX
  • Share your interests with others. OX
  • Risk embarrassment. OX
  • Hire a coach.
  • Attend a craft fair.
  • Be considerate in traffic. OX
  • Forgive yourself or someone else. OX
  • Speak the truth. OX
  • Listen. OX
  • Brainstorm. OX
  • Initiate conversations. OX
  • Complete the task in front of you.  OX
  • Let someone else go first. OX
  • Paint a wall. O
  • Wear something daring. X
  • Pamper yourself. OX
  • Send a love note. X
  • Hug. X
  • Take a nature walk. OX
  • Hit a pillow.
  • Spend time alone. OX
  • Ask questions. OX
  • Lie on the grass. OX
  • Focus on hobbies. OX
  • Knit.
  • Do research on the Web. OX
  • Join a dating service.
  • Express gratitude daily. OX
  • Adjust your standards. OX
  • Renegotiate agreements. OX

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