six song sunday: quatre

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Welp.  It’s over.  At long last.  Finally.

*Can we just have a moment to observe the end of my GRE experience?*

Overall, fairly painful.  I feel mostly good about it.  It pretty much played out how I thought it would.  Near perfect score on the verbal part.  Written went well, and I’m happy with them.  Quantitative  But I ended up getting an average score there, which is a true relief because I was sweating it.

The test is too long.  I got photographed, pat down, ID’d, and a host of other unpleasant things.  I mean, it was worse than the security line at DIA.  ETS should really contract out to the TSA.

Now, to get on with the rest of my life.  Counseling degree, here I come.



Bob Schneider – Till Somebody Catches a Feeling

into the air, into the thin space between the here and now

Anne McCue – Milkman’s Daughter

rum tobacco, laughing gears, shifting down

American Tomahawk – Our Song Knife

keep me safe from the outside world. please don’t let me leave.

Jesi Kettering – Full Circle

the moon won’t forget my tired eyes

Jonatha Brooke – Linger

the look in your eyes, and the glare of the sun

John Mayer – Half of my Heart

i was born in the arms of imaginary friends



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