very pinteresting

(I hate that title.  So much. But my brain is not operable today).

Before I get going on my actual topic, I’m gonna update y’all on my progress for the Happiness Challenge I started yesterday.  This will be a regular update.  Feel free to share your progress, too.

  • Happiness Level (1-10, 10 being so happy I might pee my pants): 4, not feeling so great today.
  • Meditated in bed this morning for about 5 minutes.  I used a meditation I learned during a workshop once.  I was really hoping I’d pass out and sleep some more (it was 6:47 am), but–alas…no.
  • Acts of Kindness:
    -Moved my half-completed, still soaking laundry from the bathtub so my roomie could shower (without him asking).
    -Gave the kitten extra treats.
    -Volunteered to write a marketing plan for a local nonprofit, for free.
  • I’m grateful for:
    -past knowledge helping me get through this week’s assignments, so I didn’t have to read 300 pages.
    -everything being done, which means a free Saturday of sleep and cupcakes.
    -Neosporin with pain relief boosters.
    -a kitten who has been a perfect angel for two whole days.
    -snow on the way.
    -grocery delivery day (yay, organic vegetables).
    -open windows


I almost didn’t start today’s blog entry.  I’m having a bit of a rough day, though it’s probably not noticeable to anyone who isn’t living inside me.  It’s more like a background noise that makes it hard to hear things.  I’m not feeling great physically today, but–compared to how it’s been–it’s nothing to really complain about.  Just enough to be uncomfortable.  More bothersome is the noise in my head and heart.  I have days like this, sometimes.  There are ghosts.  They will always exist.  Sometimes, they get reinvented.  It’s okay.  I know how to live with them.

So, I decided to not write an introspective blog entry–analyzing the emotions or whatever.  It’s part of my new vow to myself to let things sit a while before I write about them.  Better for me and everyone else, I think.

Today’s blog entry is going to be less about thinking and more about joy.


Like a lot of you, I like Pinterest.  A lot.  I spend a good deal of time on Pinterest.  Too much.  And as awesome as Pinterest is, I don’t really interact with anyone there.  There are few conversations.  Which is unfortunate because many of my pins are conversation starters.  As much as I love pinning useful tips, frilly dresses, and pictures of kittens, I’m more than that.  And I hope you are, too.  If you aren’t–hey, no judgment.  We all have our phases.  Be who you need to be today.

Anyway, I think I’m going to make this a regular feature of this here blog.  My goal here is to express myself and show people more of who I am.  I don’t think you can do that fully by thinking.  But show someone what you love–what provokes you?  That tells people something.  I know I’ve learned things about myself from looking at my own boards.  So, sometimes, I might just share the cool earrings I like and where to find them.  Maybe I’ll tell you what I learned from all my pinning of clothes.  Maybe, one of my pins will inspire a rant.  Or maybe, I’ll share some experiences with personal heroes.  Or maybe I’ll pin that hilarious thing I found the other day.  Because ya gotta laugh, yea?

The point of all of this, I think, is to share what makes us happy.  So, every so often, I’m gonna share what’s on my mind; what’s in my heart; and things I love for absolutely no conceivable reason at all.

We’re gonna start with a tour of my Pinterest world and some of the stories behind that sharing.

Feel free to do the same.  And connect with me there, if you want, too.


My Gratitude board is one of my favorites.  I usually post there when I’m having a rough day or when a day has suddenly become an amazing day or when little things touch my heart or when I’m especially inspired.  At the beginning of the year, I pinned this: the definition of metanoia.  Because that’s what this year is for me.



I have three Mighty List boards.  One is devoted to things I’ve done in my life.  One is for things I’ve done and want to do again.  One is for things I still haven’t accomplished.  These lists of things used to live on my old blog, but I never meant for them to be static entities.  Instead, I wanted to see them–visualize them–and inspire others.  So, I am in the process of migrating all those to do items from my list to Pinterest.  Each time I move one there, I link to a resource that either tells people how to do what I did/want to do or links to something about it.  It’s like a toolbox, I guess.

This first one is from the Things I’ve Done board.  Back in 2010, I wrote a Goodbye List inspired by Miranda July’s Learning to Love You More site.  The List isn’t public anymore, but I may repost it here one day.  I highly recommend completing something like this.  It was a good thing.

miranda july

This next pin is from the Things I Want to Do Again board.  Last year, J & I went to Yellowstone.  I think it was in May or June.  In any case, as soon as we got close, it started pouring down rain and then basically blizzarding–to the point that they shut down roads.  We were only there three days.  It was sorta miserable.  I loved the hotel we stayed in and the main street area.  I’d definitely go back–but not in winter and certainly not tourist season.  And I’d probably spend more time in the other national park.  Yellowstone tourists really blow.  Especially around baby bears.

Photo by debzitelli on flickr.

Photo by debzitelli on flickr.

From the Things I Still Need to Tackle board comes this beautiful girl.  Her name’s Jezebel.  She belongs to the ED of a great nonprofit here in Denver.  I met her while volunteering there and pretty much fell in love.  So, yep.  I need to own an Australian Shepherd.  If we didn’t have kitties and had a back yard, it would so be happening.


My Inspirations board is full of people and things that light up the world.  It’s the place I go when I’m encountering mean people or when I’ve just had a terrible day.  A reminder of how incredible the world can be, and that I have a choice of where I fall.  This video about 2011’s tsunamis really touched me.  When bad things happen, it’s easy to feel removed.  The message of hope will make you see it a little bit differently.

My Do Gooders board is really just a board pimping my favorite causes or projects I’ve been inspired by.  Being part of the MNM program, I get to see so many amazing people doing real work that makes life better for so many people.  It’s nice to be able to support them, even in this small way.  This pin about the Self-Worth Project, “a photo documentation project of people expressing their deepest and most vulnerable fears and insecurities. People choose a word that encompasses their struggles and write it on their body. Through this, we are bringing awareness to the daily struggles and discrimination that we face every day as humans.”

This next pin comes from my World Domination 101 board–which is really just a collection of things to help people change their communities and the world in general.  The Chronicle of Philanthropy is such a tremendous resource for people who care about the third sector.


My Career Woman board is kind of a hodge podge of resources and interesting tidbits related to the nonprofit sector as well as the art therapy arena.  I try to add to it as I learn more about it myself.  For my International Third Sector course, I got to read Michael Edwards’ Civil Society.  Good stuff.

civil society

The Day Job board is everything related to recruitment–whether you’re a job hunter, sourcer, full-desk recruiter, or whatever.  I haven’t done much with it, but there’s a real need for information.  I get asked all kinds of things all the time.  Some of these are just helpful tips.  Some are things to think about.  I’ll eventually start my own career blog, but for now, it all lives here.

This book, The Rare Find: Spotting Exceptional Talent Before Everyone Else, is probably more geared toward professional recruiters and sourcers–especially those who are facing huge challenges finding that often sought-after needle in a haystack that’s every hiring manager’s little darling.  However, I think this book is interesting if you’re a candidate because you can sort of see what makes someone exceptional and sought after.  I haven’t actually read the book yet, but it looks interesting.

rare find

My Wisdom board is a place for things that feel right to me.  Things that resonate.  Things I can remember and hold onto.  Pinterest is completely flooded with these quotations.  I don’t pin that many of them because most of them I can’t agree with.  This one is from Sugar at The Rumpus.  Amazing.


Giggle is one of my favorite boards.  Before Pinterest, I used to collect these comics and quotations that I found amusing.  I’d put them up on the wall next to my computer or pin them to my cube at work.  Because you’ve gotta laugh.  This pin just cracks me up.  I don’t know what’s funnier–how complicated assembling gifts can be or the fact that Anthony Effing Bourdain is doing it.


Virtual Haunts is a board for sites I frequent, or have frequented, that hold a special place in my Internet surfing heart.  They’re the ones I’ve found and liked on Facebook–the ones I’ve bookmarked.  The ones worth visiting time and time again.  I Wrote This For You ( is certainly one of my top ten for inspiration.

Photo from I Wrote This for You.

Photo from I Wrote This for You.

 Everyone’s on the Twitter nowadays.  I have a love-hate relationship with it.  I’ve quit it something like four times.  I’m keeping things small and well-curated lately.  These are a few people I’ve enjoyed throughout my time.  I’ve followed Ann Curry for a good long while.  She’s pretty much the only newsperson I follow, other than local news.

ann curry

Curiosities is sort of like a junk drawer, but with things you actually want to find.  It’s stuff I find interesting.  Things I want to read.  Things I want to learn.  Like that.  This pin made me ridiculously happy.  A food reviewer from Westword basically visited all these restaurants on Federal and reviewed them.  Now, disregard the horrifying Bubba Chino’s portrayed in this photo.  If you grew up near Federal, like I did, you know how many amazing gems there are.  As someone who moved away, this fresh look at Federal’s eating scene makes me giddy.  Find it here.


Dem Words is the spot for favorite books, books that changed my life in some way, etc.  This is my favorite writing book.  Probably the one that helped me become a playwright.


Mixed tape is really just a board for music I love.  Like Bon Iver’s Calgary–a go to when writing.


At Bandcamp is for music I really like, but do not own.  Either because there’s no way to purchase it.  Or because it’s not been released yet.  Or because I’m a broke-ass monkey.  This is Givers’ In Light.  I think I have that now.


Soundtrack is another favorite board.  Sometimes, I just go to Pinterest and play everything that’s there.  It’s faster than digging through Youtube.  These are songs that have just stayed with me.  Either they’re nostalgic or I absolutely adore them (or both).  I really love this version of Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event.  It’s become one of the songs I’ll always associate with my love life.

Movie Me is a place for movies I want to see–or wanted to see, at some point.  At the top of that list right now is Seven Psychopaths.  Martin McDonagh, FTW.


Cinematic Orchestrations is a collection of my favorite films.  Away We Go was surprisingly awesome.


Five Hundred is a board that came from my Mighty List.  I had this crazy idea that I was going to watch 500 films in a single year.  Yea…though I tried valliantly…it did not happen.  But I decided to keep the board.  So it documents what I watch…good, bad, horrifying. The Bang Bang Club was a 4.5/5 (on the good side) movie for me.  Really thoughtful film about photojournalists.  If you’re at all interested in photography and the ethics behind it, it’s something that will haunt you.


Couch Potato archives all my favorite TV shows.  Homeland is my most fave right now.


Hulu Me is a collection of shows I want to check out.  It tends to be a really terrible collection as most shows royally suck.  The exception was Emily Owens, MD–which was canceled (grrMAKING).


Nerdy That Way is a collection of all the web comics I’ve devoured.  No, seriously, I’ve read every single one.  Okay–so, there’s only two.  But I’m in grad school.  What’s your excuse?

(Hi there, Exploding Dog).


Lite Brite Propaganda is what I call an art hope chest.  It’s a collection of things that really inspire me and make me want to create art.  This pin is actually of a photo I took of street art that was plastered near Civic Center during the height of the mess that was Occupy Denver.  I later found out it’s by Frank Kwiatkowski.  I just love it.


Snap is a collection of my photos.  I’ve been bad about uploading them lately, mostly because I have Flickr and this blog for that.

About 2 years ago, my apartment building had a major fire in the Penthouse.  I was home during it and didn’t realize how serious it was until the firefighters came.  By that time, evacuating would have gotten in their way.  So, I stayed in my apartment.  We live on the opposite side where the fire began, several floors away.  I was fine.  The firefighters got it under control in about an hour.  The building suffered some damage.  The roof, where this photo was taken, was closed for a long time.


For days after the fire, you’d stumble across charred remains of people’s lives–including this page from a book that my roommate found. It was pretty surreal.


#FEBphotoaday 2012 chronicled last February.  This photo is an iPhone shot from our roadtrip to Santa Fe.  This is coming home, somewhere around Taos.


#MARCHphotoaday 2012 was from March of last year.  🙂  This photo came from a trip to RMNP.  We came across a whole bunch of elk, and this one just cracked us up.  Optical illusions are rad.  We called him Scooter.


Glue sticks and Acrylics is my homage to all things crafty.  I’m actually quite crafty when I have ample time.  This is probably my favorite pin in this collection.  I even accumulated the swatches needed to complete it.  I will be doing this in my bedroom this summer.


mmmmmgood is probably one of my biggest, and most favorite, boards.  I love to cook, and this board really runs the gamut from fairly healthy to total carb-crazed decadence.  I actually have made many of these recipes or use them as inspiration.  This is a Spicy Vegan Chili Burger recipe that just makes me drool.  I haven’t tried it yet.


Fussy Girl chronicles the various food hatreds I’ve had in life.  Some of them came from life threatening food allergies.  Others from sheer stubborn-redhead-ness.  In any case, I’ve revisited some of my hated food and found I ACTUALLY like them.  Enter the lowly sweet potato.


Tastejumping is another experiment.  I’m trying to eat new foods. Because who likes being picky?  There could be some good stuff out there.  Welp.  This was not one of them.

Not as terrible as it smelled. It was one of those things where it looked sweet and delicious, but then snuck up behind me when I drank it. Sorta slimy and sour-sweet. I could see myself warming up to it, now that I know what to expect. But kinda disconcerting.

Grocery List is basically just that.  I come across products I like all the time, and I want to remember them (or try them), so I pin them.  This is pretty much my favorite beer now and pretty much all I drink if I drink beer.  Fogg approves.


What I Ate was a short-lived attempt at documenting food choices.  I might do it again.  This pin featured two of my favorites: Lovegrown Cocoa granola and peach Greek yogurt.


Wholesome is devoted to all things health, nutrition, exercise, and mental health.  I decided one day to buy a weighted hula hoop.  It’s on the list of summer activities in the park.  I’m contemplating stringing lights and doing it at night.


Utility is for all those odds and ends tippy things you come across that you might need one day maybe.  I love the idea of fixing the damn dish towel, but have yet to actually do it.  One day.  Maybe.


Product.Whore is a board for my product obsession.  It’s pretty bad.  Anything perfume-y seems to land here.  I fell in love with this lotion while shopping at the Cherry store outside of RMNP.  Pretty much the best hand creme ever and smells divine.


Little things is devoted to all things sweet.  Mostly a board full of little love tokens.


Wish List is everything I want (or wanted, at some point).  I’ve actually purchased many of these items.  How perfect is this bike?


Mine! is full of stuff I wanted and then bought.  The SodaStream rocks.


I started iPhone envy when I didn’t have an iPhone.  I’m kind of an app queen now.  There are like four hundred million apps I COULD add, but that would mean going to the app store to pin them.  This app is awesome and not just because I live with one of the developers.

itriageJoy is just full of everything that makes me happy for no reason.  Like this little guy.  Holy crap, I love him.


Bright Eyes is full of stuff for kids–whether it’s gifts to give or things I want for my someday babies.  Every little girl needs the fantasy.


Childhood–all the stuff I remember from being a kid.  I called this contraption the Popper, and I used to drive my parents insane.  I loved it so much.  Still kinda do.


Kitty Mama–All the things for baby kittehs.  The cats liked the catnip bubbles, but they stained things blue!


Out of the Closet is my ridiculous collection of looks I love.  I learned that I am a HUGE girly girl who loves ruffles.  Like it could be a problem.  I also love bright colors.  This pin doesn’t really show those things, but I like diversity too.


Hairs is full of potential hairstyles I want to try.  I’ve gone through a lot of colors and cuts over the past few years.  I think next up might be a blue or purple (in spots).  Right now, my hair looks mostly like this (cutwise, though still a little shorter–still not long enough yet)–more strawberry blonde as a base (not brown) and super bright reds throughout for highlight.


Lovely is for all things swoonworthy.  Like this…

Continued Monday…who knew I had so many boards?


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