hey there, mr. mercury

I’m having an odd, frustrating week.  To sum up:

  • What I wrote about yesterday happened.
  • Everyone’s slow to respond to emails and voicemails.  Those who do respond tell me they’ll have answers soon.  It’s been two days.  I am extremely bad at sitting tight.  And, well, it just means I turn into overachiever Alma and decide to create some more options (which has been going well…but again with the delays).
  • I still can’t breathe.  Which is very bad because I’m running out of Mucinex.
  • Oh, and did I mention the Botanic Gardens did a controlled BURN this morning?  At 7 am.  Without informing any of their immediate neighbors?  In a state that’s basically a tinderbox?  I was really not amused.  Especially since a) I was woken up my weird spice smells two minutes before they started lighting shit on fire (hate that); b) I found out via Twitter five minutes before smoke filled my bedroom; c) I have uncontrolled asthma and am supposed to avoid smoke like my life depends on it (it does).  I’m doing okay now.  Doors are all closed up; air purifier and humidifier on full-blast.  But my lungs were not happy for a good 2 hours.  Without a rescue inhaler, it’s Russian roulette.  I was waiting for new insurance to kick in, but now–who knows when I’ll get that…so I guess I’ll be dipping into my next very slight paycheck.
  • A few months ago, I had a staph infection.  It was not good.  I had to get antibiotic cream and go to urgent care.  Let’s just say waking up to a bleeding belly button every morning is slightly disturbing.  Welp, the kitten kicked me the other day (something he does multiple times a day), scratching the old wound–and now, I have another infection.  Luckily, I still have the cream, and things are not bleeding (yet).
  • Speaking of bad kittens, Rilke decided yesterday that it’d be awesome to climb onto the balcony railing and sprint across it all afternoon.  Which, considering where we live, comes with many potential pitfalls–oh, like smashed kitty on the pavement.  We’ve had issues with Fogg doing this–though she was more of a jump on the railing and walk 6 inches to watch the birdies kitty.  We’re talking 8 feet of balcony with Rilly.  We’d created a gate system to discourage Fogg’s escapades (which meant, if bad things happened, I would not be able to save him like I saved silly Fogg when she nearly slipped off the last time), but now it appears Rilke has discovered he likes heights and cannot be outside without jumping on the railing.  Considering how mad-jumpy little dude is, it really freaked me out.  We don’t live on a quiet street.  It’s residential, but being next to a busy park, we get lots of traffic, people, and dogs.  No bueno.  So, I spent all of yesterday afternoon trying to corral little dude–so he wouldn’t go outside.  Which was a cluster of master proportions (but, hey–got LOTS of steps in).  The doggie door is now blocked.  Which really sucks for the other cats.  But a cat playpen is on the way, and we’ve plotted a restricted outside zone around it.  (Guess I know what we’ll be doing this weekend).  Which means no more kitties eating my flowers.  So, I guess that’s good.  But I’ll miss watching Foggy lay out in the sunshine.
  • A classmate sorta offered me a job working with her nonprofit the other day.  While I adore her and really love the idea of the job, it’s a bit too much sales for my taste, so I said no.  The whole thing left me torn, though–do I want to stay in this industry or go into nonprofits?  I’m not sure.
  • I’m having a bit of a crisis in this arena.  On one hand, I think I should do more consulting and just launch my own recruiting company; on the other hand, it’s mega difficult in this economy, and I’d rather someone else deal with the business side of things.  I feel like I need a partner.  Which makes me sorta interested in exploring that and maybe doing a start-up something or other.  I’ve got ideas.  It’s just a lot of work, especially when I’m finishing grad school and trying to pay bills.  I know I need to do it, though, because it’ll be hard to make a traditional work schedule work when I’m doing my internships for school in a couple years.
  • I could go on, but I won’t.
  • I take the GRE in about 10 days. I have not studied.  I don’t think I need to.
  • The Tea Party keeps calling me, trying to get me to give them money.  When I refuse, they then call me a liberal and lie about Obama.  I have gone off on them every single time.  I gotta say, I can really insult a dumbass when I want to.
  • There’s been a rash of hit and runs in Denver.  I met one of the offenders who almost killed a girl down the street from us.  We volunteered at the same place for a short while.  I said hi to her once.  When I saw her mugshot on the television, I freaked out.  I almost worked at the school where she worked.  She lives down the street.  I know people who know her.  Super sad and just odd.
  • I reignited my stupid online dating account.  The only guy I’ve contacted apparently knows a near miss (as evidenced by a picture of him and near miss on his profile).  Which probably means I should run screaming in the other direction.  I’m being contacted by torsos and people holding giant sandwiches.  Yes, really.  I can’t shake my apathy, but I guess I get a few points for trying, eh?
  • The state owes me money.  That’s not taxes.  I basically have to sell my soul to verify I exist.
  • My email account randomly stopped sending email yesterday–for no apparent reason.  It seems as if there was a password issue, but I could still receive email.  And when I tried to remove the account from Outlook, it wouldn’t let me re-add it.  I was basically cursing like a banshee.  I hate failing technology.  I’m pretty sure it’s Google fighting with Microsoft.  Luckily, my roomie knows everything and helped me fix it.

Yep.  That’s about it.

To counteract all of the above, I’ve decided to take part in Erica’s Happiness Challenge.  Here’s my first update:

  • Happiness Level (1-10, 10 being so happy I might pee my pants): 6 (a great feat, considering how the morning started)
  • I meditated with my Buddhify app (which is awesome)–10 minutes.  
  • I also spent part of my morning endorsing people on LinkedIn, and I sent a few nice texts to friends.  So, whoo hoo random acts of kindness.

I’m grateful for:

  • a full belly
  • how good I feel when I actually sleep, eat, and drink water
  • cayenne
  • bayberry
  • sound machines
  • air purifiers
  • my big, heavy, fuzzy, purple blankie
  • the feeling of looking forward to summertime and all the associated plans
  • not dying
  • having enough
  • I love Lucy moments
  • Cooking actual food for dinner and not ordering out.  Gotta say, I kick Jimmy John’s ass.



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