variations on a theme

So, it’s Saturday–a day I’ve been dreading all week.  I’m doublefisting courses this week–ending one and starting another.  I’ve got lots of work to do–that, of course, I don’t want to do!  Such is the life of a grad student.

Given that, it’s gonna be a light blogging day.  I think I might make Saturdays photo days since every Saturday seems to be this way.  And it’s only gonna get worse.  Kinda like the state of the nation right now.  (I’m trying not to be angry.  Angry doesn’t change anything, most of the time).

So, while you’re drinking your mimosas, buy the homeless dude on the corner a meal.  Figure out a way to oust the Scalias and Boehners from our government.  Think of your neighbors, and be damn good to one another.  In other words, do what I would do–if I wasn’t theorizing about saving the world.

Happy Saturday, y’all.


keep your eyes wide


i’ll be your guide


purgatory’s high


fall from grace


the words you borrowed


the only place you’ve known


just this once


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