a whole lot of babbling going on

This will be random.

  • I’m not feeling so good.  It started yesterday.  Or rather, new things started yesterday.  I’m pretty sure my ear infections are gone (yay, grapefruit oil).  The sinuses feel a little better–or, at least, I’m not waking up feeling like I died anymore.  But now, I have a throat.  A mean, nasty, mean throat.  It took my voice yesterday–which made me reschedule all appointments and call out of work for the afternoon.  Because I can’t work if I can’t talk.  Well, I can–but it’s not pretty.  There are hieroglyphics and miming involved.  Or something.
  • Many people don’t know this about me because I was so shy in some former life–but I’m a talker.  Not being able to talk is like someone stealing my cookies.
  • Last night, I actually slept (go, me!).  But then I woke up feeling like another shade of green.  With fever.  I powered through my rescheduled appointment and will power through this afternoon.  It will be painful, and I might cry.
  • This morning marked the (hopefully) end of a long process I’ve been going through.  If it works out, I will likely do cartwheels in Cheesman.  If it doesn’t, I will probably cry and will have to have some really uncomfortable conversations.  Well, the uncomfortable conversations happen regardless–but one will be quicker than the other.
  • Our kitten likes grapefruit.
  • He begs for everything.  Including plastic bags.
  • And drives me crazy.
  • I don’t know why I eat chocolate croissants.  They hurt me.  Like a lot.  Something about gluten (bah) and dark chocolate (acid, ow) hurting me.  I know better.  I.know.better.
  • Sometimes, I like to rub the duster thing on my face.  It’s so soft.
  • I bought a sound machine.  Every time I say that, I think of Gloria Estefan.  And I sing 1-2-3-4 in my head.  To myself.
  • One of my colleges is taking an entire month to send out transcripts.  An entire month.  They quote 10-14 days on the paperwork.  Having worked at a University–that University, no less–I am pretty sure they’re all high.
  • My potential new school has all my stuff.  Just waiting on that one little transcript.  I’ll have taken the GRE by the time they get it.  Ridic.
  • Don’t get me started about the GRE.
  • What is it with me starting crap with Registrar ladies? In college, I got hate mail over that.  Now, I just laugh.  You are high, dude.  Just admit it.
  • It’s Colorado.  It’ll be okay.
  • I should not have had grapefruit after that chocolate croissant.
  • I’m pretty heartbroken over the hit and run that happened by East yesterday.  We patronize that Starbucks down the street pretty much every weekend.  We go to the Farmer’s Market every weekend in the summer.  That’s our Main Street–as shady as it can be.  And those are our kids.  And it’s sick that people do those things there.
  • It pisses me off when outsiders (who cause crap to happen in my neighborhood) bash this place and say things that are unfair and untrue–minutes after two kids are run over.  They’re disgusting.  No other word for them.
  • I’m always so paranoid about pedestrians over there.  I can’t believe she didn’t even slow down.
  • I also can’t believe Westword actually posted the video of the girl getting hit.  Severe head trauma.  If you saw the video, you know why.
  • I love that Colorado can be freezing cold–even snowing–and most days, it’s nothing but gorgeous blue sky.  It makes winter easier to swallow–though we didn’t get winter till February.  I still want it to be April.
  • I’m glad February is over.  I just don’t like February.
  • Or January.
  • Or December.
  • Come to think of it–March, too.
  • I have to write a very long paper by Sunday.  The idea of it makes me want to stab myself.
  • It wasn’t a bad class.  I suppose I just resent having to take it because I needed a schedule filler because my school didn’t offer anything I needed.  Now, I’m graduating late and tripling up this summer–so I can begone with this degree by September so I can start my new degree.
  • I need a vacation.
  • We are probably not moving.  Finding an apartment we both like and dealing with all the expense and hoopla is just…well…not fun.  We have too much to do.  We’re still going to consider places, but if nothing comes of it, we won’t be devastated like last time.
  • That said, we need to do something to make this apartment tolerable.  So, there will likely be many projects.  And carpet cleaning fiascoes (thanks, Fogg).
  • Sometimes, I think I should be an interior designer or an organizer chica.  I’m contemplating doing life coaching, too.  Which makes me giggle.  A lot.
  • I might actually be asleep right now.
  • I feel like writing.  Like plays.  Again.  At the worst time ever.
  • I need something to shock me when I don’t drink enough water.  Does someone make an app for that?
  • I bought a cover-up and a floppy hat.  Because that will make me serious about swimming every day.  If I could just find my bathing suit.
  • While I hated Anne Hathaway’s Oscar dress, her apology about it pissed me off.  She’s a nice girl!  (Huzzah).  Stop the need to please.  She should have worn her original dress and told that other chica that she’s Anne Hathaway. I mean, because, COME ON.  She’s Anne Hathaway.

Happy Thursday, y’all.


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