and people like me!

Yesterday was not my day.  Just not at all.  It was literally one of those days when the world was slingshoting poop at my head.  And, as much as I tried to take cover, I got nailed a few times.

I did manage to shake it off last night, so that was good.  But if someone asked me to live that day all over again, I’d probably throw poop at their head instead.

In light of yesterday and all its negativity, I’d like to try to shake that off.  It’s a new day.  Things are happening.  And once you get on the negativity train in this business, you might as well give up.  Though I never do. But that is why poop gets thrown at my head.

So, a few days ago, I mentioned that workshop I did.  Welp, after said workshop, I signed up for some online workshops from the same ladies.  I’ll be doing various things, and I’ve decided to share some of them here.  I’ve actually decided to try to do stuff on this blog on a daily basis–whether it’s writing, sharing photos, or sharing things I stumble upon.  I’ve realized bad days like yesterday will probably happen a lot over the next several months, and writing has always been my outlet.  Why not return to my roots?


This exercise is part of this thing called the Love Club–which is all about fostering self-love and being your own best friend.  Our first dare was to serenade ourselves with a song written for us.  In Christine’s book, she asks readers to write down 108 things they love about themselves.  And this list was a suggested jumping off point.  So, I decided to attempt my own list.  I’m gonna spare y’all any videos of me singing said list to myself.  🙂

  1. I like my nose and my ears because they remind me of my Papa–and how proud I am to have been his granddaughter.  
  2. I like my eyes.
  3. I like my cheekbones because they remind me of my grandmother.
  4. I have awesome hair.
  5. My smile is genuine and takes over my face–like my Daddy’s.
  6. I’m a hard worker.
  7. I’m good at my job.
  8. I’m intelligent.
  9. I’m funny.
  10. I’m weird.
  11. I have a big heart.
  12. I’m always trying to learn and be better.
  13. I’m trustworthy.
  14. I’m loyal.
  15. You can count on me.
  16. I’m a good cook.
  17. I write well.
  18. I don’t miss anything.
  19. I’m curious.
  20. I genuinely care.
  21. I’m honest.
  22. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  23. I constantly try to be vulnerable.
  24. I get over most things easily.
  25. I’m passionate.
  26. I’m creative.
  27. I’m compassionate.
  28. I’m a do-er.
  29. I take big risks.
  30. I love with all my heart.
  31. I have high integrity.
  32. I’m fun.
  33. I’m silly.
  34. I honor my inner child.
  35. I mean it.
  36. I don’t waste time–unless I really want to.
  37. I’m a good friend.
  38. I’m feisty.
  39. I do an awesome Valley Girl impression.
  40. I’ve survived a lot of hard things.
  41. I teach people things.
  42. I’m fair.
  43. I have good taste in music.
  44. I’m always up for a challenge.
  45. I’m insightful.
  46. I have good instincts.
  47. I’m resourceful.
  48. I’m well-traveled.
  49. I stand up for myself.
  50. I’m an advocate for others.
  51. I’m ambitious.
  52. I’m a dreamer.
  53. I’m courageous.
  54. I honor the people I love.
  55. I try.
  56. I have a good sense of rhythm.
  57. I don’t take myself too seriously.
  58. I step up.
  59. I’m a leader–just not always the way people define leader.
  60. I’m unique and quirky.
  61. I’m proud of who I am.
  62. I fight for people.
  63. I really try to understand situations and can see all sides of a story.
  64. I’m artistic.
  65. I’m a peacemaker.
  66. I’m humble!
  67. I am culturally aware.
  68. I can be really diplomatic.
  69. I have my own logic.
  70. I’m sensitive.
  71. I don’t take the easy way out.
  72. I have lots of really good ideas.
  73. I’m romantic.
  74. I’m mostly happy.
  75. I have my own way of doing things.
  76. I embrace life.
  77. I’m good with kids.
  78. I get lost sometimes–but I always find my way back.
  79. I’m self-reliant.
  80. I live a really interesting life.
  81. I make amazing pizza.
  82. I drive fast.
  83. I’m “deep.”
  84. I can have a conversation with damn near anyone about anything.
  85. I’m probably the most self-aware person on this planet.
  86. I can make things out of nothing.
  87. I tell really good stories.
  88. I take pretty pictures.
  89. I laugh a lot.
  90. I accept change and adapt easily.
  91. I’m a good kitty-mama.
  92. I’m my friends’ biggest cheerleader.
  93. I’ll move heaven and earth to help someone who really needs me.
  94. I’m willing.
  95. I’m an optimist, most days.
  96. I’m an introvert (yes, it’s a good thing).
  97. I’m persistent.
  98. I’m a woman.
  99. I’m a daughter.
  100. I’m well-educated.
  101. I’ve accomplished a lot in my life, with little resources.
  102. I’m a travel fiend.
  103. I love and respect nature.
  104. I geek out over science.
  105. I’m hopeful.
  106. I’m a joy-seeker.
  107. I make the most out of things.
  108. I have an indomitable spirit.

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