six song sunday, inaugural edition

This weekend has been full of music.  I’ve been bebopping and belting since yesterday.  Which, sadly, isn’t that common nowadays.  While music is quite important to me, and I have a ton of it, I tend to not have opportunities for much listening.  I’m on the phone for work most of my day, and when I’m not working, I’m reading/writing for grad school–which has never been something I can do while listening to music.  And during those other times, I just want to disengage…no sound, a dark room, etc.

Anywhoo…I want to try to remedy that and listen to more of my favorites.  So, in an effort to do that and maybe help people expand their horizons, I thought I’d share six of my favorite songs every Sunday–starting today.

It’s gonna be no holds barred…embarrassing to cheesy to trendy to obscure.  Basically anything I adore.

Hope y’all are still sleeping and staying warm on this snowy morning.


Rio Blanco – Wild Doves

Find your place in time.

Carloman – March of the Beasts

Your hand always shakes when you tip-toe a line.

Wixel – Outside Your Locked Heart

Muse – Blackout

Don’t grow up too fast.

Meklit Hadero – Walk Up

Take your place in the sky.

Band of Skulls – Fires



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