It’s a bizarre Saturday. So, I feel like being random.  I don’t get to do that enough.  Oh, and look photoblog!  Whoo!


This afternoon, I laid down to watch some TV. Fell asleep. Dreamt i was a Broadway showgirl, singing: “I don’t care what anybody feels like. I just know I’m gonna stay.” Woke to Cleo standing over me–two inches from my face, wheezing…voicemail from roomie asking if i want Fanta. I swear I didn’t smoke any dope.

I have an irrational love affair with ice. I just adore it. Buying our icemaker was a life-changing event. Most days, I forget to drink water. But I always have ice.

rodent on the run

I’m kind of afraid of squirrels–mostly because squirrels on my college campuses were insane and would steal my food if I ate outside–which I did, every day.  I have a picture of a squirrel with one of my french fries in his mouth.  Always meant to blow it up and frame it for the kitchen–but alas, our kitchen has no wall space.

Sometimes, I meet people–even people over the Internet–and in about two minutes, I know that I like them.  I know that they’ll be important to me.  I met someone like that today.  I haven’t said anything directly to him. So, there’s that.

If I have fruits and veggies in the house, I feel a great sense of abundance.  I could buy out the store in fruits and veggies.

I’ve been obsessed with pickled things lately.  And I suddenly really like pastrami.

Sometimes, I listen to music in the middle of the night–with my headphones on–and I lipsync to everything so I don’t wake up my roommate.


I really love flowers that are non-traditionally pretty–like this nasturtium and another one called ranunculus.  Nasturtiums are even edible and are great for getting rid of pests.  We had a bunch this past summer.  Sunshine.

I kinda get off on talking about social enterprise. I love studying it and plotting all kinds of future things.

I’m becoming very hippie-chick lately.  I’m reading a lot of Buddha stuff and eating non-GMO and going local.  I’m even growing out my hair and wearing more floral.

I’ve discovered from Pinterest that I am SUCH a girly-girl.


I like cars better when they’re old and rusty.  I want one for my backyard.

New soap makes my day.  I get so excited.  Like an addict of scent.

I still like John Mayer (shhh).

I like all kinds of music and have a massive collection.  So, I’ve heard almost everything.  If it’s not in my collection, I really really hate it.  My ex was the only human being who consistently listened to music I really really hated.  And I gave him so much shit for it.  Mostly because it was all really old stuff that had no lyrics or melody or anything.  Just noise.

Our kitten is addicted to bread.

rocky mountain high
I still love mountains, though I got a little jaded for a while.

I really dislike a lot of old things–like literature from the 1800s…Barry Manilow…Harold and Maude…Downton Abbey.  But I really like vintage clothes and jewelry…old houses.  Things like that.

I hated the tv show Girls until the affair episode, and now the show feels completely different to me.  I loved Body of Proof until the new season.  Now I want to punch people in the face.

we're gonna die

As much as I love Colorado, I hate Northeastern Colorado.  Though it makes for interesting roadtrips.  The picture above came from our harrowing drive up this really long highway, full of dirt everything and giant semis–hauling ass.  It was so bad, you couldn’t see anything at times.  When we got out of there, we found ourselves in ghostland city with weird wind farms and strange monitoring devices on the road.  I was really happy to go home!

I’m a little obsessed with simply naked pita chips.

I hate doing laundry–so much so that, to get out of doing laundry, I buy new underwear.  My roomie now does this, too.  I am a bad influence.

I love getting new vegetables in our weekly food delivery box.  But what do you do with a giant diakon?

I pin things when I can’t sleep.


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