thanksgiving: here

I intended to post a full-on, crazy photoblog–complete with recipes and quips of gratitude.  But life happens, and best intentions go by the wayside.  So, after about an hour of waiting for photos to upload, I’ve decided to just give you guys some scenes from my Thanksgiving with all my oddball banter.

It was a special Thanksgiving for me–even if it was just me and my roommate and the kitties.  Even if we used the coffee table for our dining room table.  Even if the decorative squash still had labels affixed.  Even if I took too many Advil and never made my cranberry kookoo spritzer gin-ny drink for fear of dying (soon).

It wasn’t perfect, but it was real and delicious.  It wasn’t the old Thanksgiving.  But it was ours.  And it was nice.  Though I was amazed by how quickly we got through the meal after all those hours of slaving away.

I’m vowing to be simpler come Christmas.


It started like this.

Fogg hates the paparazzi.

I arranged flowers.

Jake did a good job of picking them out.  I love arranging flowers.  It’s really a meditative thing for me.

We cooked.  A lot.

I even supremed oranges.  Albeit imperfectly.  Damn you, pith.  To be fair, I cut my thumb.  It really hurt.

I made more stuffing than I have ever made in my entire life.  It took forever, but is crazy good.  My favorite, always forever.

So many fresh herbs.  Oh, my.  I didn’t have such riches as a kid.

We made a tart.  It didn’t come out as beautiful as I hoped, but it was an experiment more than anything.

Can anything with pears, butter, mascarpone cream, and tons of ginger really be bad?

I made a macadamia nut crust, too.

We also brought the ghetto.  Because when you grow up in Westwood, that’s kinda what your childhood was built upon.

It was/is delicious.  I will eat it all.

I love corn pudding.  Jake was a trooper and tasted it.  But his creamed corn aversion almost killed him. (Not really).

(Hi Jake.  What a nice vacuum you have).

(Look at his poor finger.  He cut two of them this holiday.  We were quite the pair).

We made healthy stuff, too.

Roasted brussel sprouts, spring peas, and radishes.  We forgot the onions and asparagus.  Lots of herb-y yum here, too.  Mmm.  Loaded kale salad.  I couldn’t stuff any more fruits and veggies in there.  Yummy walnut-citrus vinaigrette to match.

The rest of the spread. (Mama’s fruit salad–amped up a bit with unsweetened coconut, dried fruit, orange peel, and tons of ginger).

We made mashed cauliflower for Jake since he’s not supposed to eat potatoes.  And the gravy turne out really good.

Gorgeous cranberries with half the sugar (perfect tart-sweet combo with tons of orange).

I only ate about 1/3 of what was on my plate and didn’t even make it to dessert.

And I could tell you about all the things I’m grateful for.  But I think I’ll just leave it at: EVERYTHING.


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