a day in the life of almacita

I’ve been having one of those weeks where life is being kinda messy.  Yesterday, I decided it was time for a break and some alone time, so I headed up to Estes Park (specifically Rocky Mountain National Park), in hopes of some nature and fresh air.  It didn’t disappoint.  I saw tons of wildlife and had a mostly spiffy time–despite the unexpected super tourist ending and a traffic jam on the way home (not pictured in this bunch of pictures).  It felt good to edit photos today and–despite how long it took (Jiminy Jeebus) and how idiotic WordPress is about embedding slideshows–there will be more, hopefully, soon.  Lord knows I have mountains of pictures to go through.  I hope you enjoy my day in the mountains–and my city.


We start at 7 am.  I didn’t sleep the night before, so sunrise was my indication to go brush my teeth and get on with it.  Well, after J got up.  That took some doing.  😉

We went to Rooster and Moon for brekky (chorizo breakfast burrito and green tea smoothie–to go, please).  Then, off to J’s office (he had a Ruby conference so didn’t join me this trip).  I took pictures along the way, of course.

Trees in front of our apartment.  One’s a baby.

Hi, baby tree.

I made the mistake of taking Federal to 36.  And then I had a freak out, but all was okay.

And then I sat in traffic, but it wasn’t too bad–though the construction did lead me to an unintended detour.

I said “hey” to Boulder and anxiously found my way to Lake Estes.  Damn, there’s a lot of curves on that road.

I looked out at the lake and looked at the sky.  I thought for sure it was going to rain, and I definitely wanted my jacket (blast!).  I also ate my breakfast, finally, and said “hi” to some strangers.  Some seen here.  And then I called J to ask him how far 1/4 tank of gas would get me.  And so, I then got gas.  Which was an ordeal.

I got back on the road, using 34 to get to the gate of RMNP–handed the nice ranger lady my annual park pass–chatted about the weather and how cool it is to be a park ranger and then waved goodbye.

I decided to pull over a little while in and grab a shot of one of my favorite views when this little guy decided to say “yo.”  So, I watched him for a good 10 minutes and took lots of pictures of clouds.

And then I went all over.

These guys were all yellow and sparkling just a couple of weeks ago.  They’re still pretty when they’re bare–especially in the snow.

I saw this guy pretty early on.

Look at his antlers!

It was such a pretty day.  And I touched a coyote–or rather, he touched ME.  Isn’t he pretty?

Denver was putting on a good show yesterday, too.  I took these after I got back into town.

That’s why they call her the Queen City.


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